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family communication education 
Para que el niño se exprese y los padres le escuchen
Make beleive ... it's a diary
Para el profesor que tiene que empezar de cero
Begin with Beginners (Teacher and Parent's Manual)

All about Grandma

All about Grandpa

Begin with Beginners (Training Courses for Teachers and Parents)
Para que el niño vaya conociendo sus gustos y los de su familia
My !!!YEAH!!! !!!YUK!!! Book
Los primeros pasos en inglés divirtiéndose como enanos
PitterPatio (TV Series - English for tots)
Para facilitar la comunicación diaria entre padres y profesores
Day by Day - School<—>Home (School-Home Communication's Handbook)

Make believe... it's a diary

Originally aimed at small children and their parents or guardians, the diary will be a record of the year narrated by the child himself and an opportunity for parents and child to share a special moment every day before bedtime.

The diary has also had success among older children as a personal diary, especially in groups of friends who like to compare results. It has also proved useful for children with autism owing to its being structured yet flexible. People in the early stages of Alzheimer also benefit from the exercise of completing the diary at the end of each day.

Make believe … it's a diary is a daily joint-project for parents and children.

What´s more interesting to a small child than his own little world, full of desires , unknowns and needs?

The diary is a great opportunity for the child to tell his parents about them. And a great way for parents to spend quality time with their small children, a guide to enter into the child´s little world, know how he feels, how his day has been.

Over the years, this ritual should turn into parent/child conversations that will come naturally since the child is used to communicating with his parents from a very early age.

For the busy parent the diary provides the ideal script to begin communicating with this little person who is beginning his life.

Every day of the year has a page with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays (combined into weekends). The father or mother reads the phrases of each day so that the child completes them verbally and the parent transcribes what he says. The phrases are conceived to facilitate conversation, to open the door to topics of interest to the child, and to give the parent a clearer perception of the activities the child has done during the day, what he liked or didn’t like, his joys and his fears.


The diary is also a stimulus for creativity and will become more personalized and colourful as the days go by. The space reserved for the child to express his day can be filled with drawings, collages, photos, stickers, invitations, tickets, etc.

There are stickers for the weather, and also for the child to evaluate his day (happy, normal, sad/angry). The phases of the moon are portrayed and special international days mentioned.

The diary comes in a cheerful red sack that can be used to keep crayons and stickers, etc., for decorating the book.

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All about Grandma and All about Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa are well-loved by the family but what do the kids know about their lives? These books are an innovative and exciting way to record family history. The child in the role of reporter interviews his grandmother or grandfather. The script guides the child through the different phases of Grandma’s or Grandpa's life: as a baby, as a little girl/boy, as a student, as a young woman/man, as a married woman/man, as a mother/father, as a grandmother/grandfather and Grandma or Grandpa today.

The investigative side is exciting for children - searching for photos, looking for mementos, asking other people about events, stories, etc.

While writing the book, the child gets to spend special time with his grandparents, sees them as people, as they were at his/her age. When the book is completed, not only are family ties strengthened but a first-person account of family history has been recorded. More on these books>> Back to Our Goodies Top

My !!!YEAH!!! !!!YUK!!! Book

What´s your favourite smell? noise? insect? etc, etc. And what smell, noise or insect makes you say !!!YUK!!!? A fun way for the child to involve his family and friends in good conversation and for getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes.

Seemingly simple, the book opens many doors to communication. Each double page is a category: colours, flowers, animals, insects, places, etc. On the left-hand page, the !!!YEAH!!! page, the child decides his favourite in each category and tells why. Then he asks his mother, his father, and others what their favourites are. On the opposite page, the !!!YUK!!! page, he states what he doesn’t like in the same category and why. He also records what his mother, father and others think.

There is a space on the bottom of the page for the child to interpret his likes and dislikes in each category, some of which take a lot of imagination to draw or describe. There are also pages at the end for the child to put in other categories that he has thought of himself.

The book is a good companion for trips, sick days, and visits to relatives. It is also fun to repeat at different ages to see how thinking changes. More on this book>> Back to Our Goodies Top

Begin with Beginners (Teacher and Parent's manual)

A complete program designed to introduce young children to the English language based on the NAL Natural Acquisition of Language method, Begin with Beginners shows teachers what to do from the very first contact with young children.

It sets the pace and provides the flexibility necessary for this age group with an easy-to-follow format easy to use in the classroom.

It includes all the elements needed to obtain optimum results with beginners:

  • basic vocabulary and concepts,
  • dialogues for effective use of vocabulary,
  • simple instructions,
  • exercises and activities to reinforce vocabulary,
  • illustrated storybooks and
  • original songs.

With a user-friendly format for the teacher.

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Begin with Beginners (Training Courses for Teachers and Parents)

SAC-O offers 2 courses of immersion in NAL Natural Acquisition of Language – (Level I and Level II, each one 12 hours long) aimed at parents and teachers of English to small children.

Two practical and participative courses that reproduce the most common circumstances that a willing father or a teacher will find in the classroom when introducing smal kids to a second language.

The courses demonstrate how to use the BwB Teacher and Parent's Manual effectively. More on this Course>> More about the NAL method Back to Our Goodies Top

PitterPatio (TV series - English for Tots)

TV Series to introduce small children to the English language)

A series that makes English fun to discover and explore, easy to learn and assimilate, and entertaining for the entire family.

A child's first contact with the news language which takes him from 0 to 400 words.

PitterPatio opens its gate revealing a space that is vital, cheerful and full of colour, inviting the viewers to enter and enjoy themselves. Some of the adorable creatures who live here greet the children from their windows onto the patio.

From the beginning, each viewer becomes another neighbor in this special place where, together with his patio friends, he will share in the activities, adventures, songs, poems, laughter and curiosity. And, most important, the new language because more familiar with each episode. More about PitterPatio>> More about the NAL method Back to Our Goodies Top

Begin with Beginners and PitterPatio are perfectly adaptable to any other living language. The PitterPatio script has been adapted to Spanish. Back to Our Goodies Top

Day by Day - School<—>Home (School-Home Communication's Handbook)

Este cuaderno facilita una comunicación diaria, segura e inmediata entre profesores y padres, permitiéndoles seguir la integración y desarrollo del niño en la escuela y las incidencias extraescolares que pueden afectarle.

Mediante una sencilla elección de opciones, los profesores pueden comunicar diariamente a los padres las circunstancias escolares del hijo, con atención a sus circunstancias físicas y emocionales atípicas, su integración y su desarrollo formativo.

Y los padres pueden hacer llegar a los profesores las reacciones del niño a lo que le haya pasado en la escuela y otras circunstancias extraescolares relevantes.

Y es un instrumento ideal para que padres y profesores se hagan avisos y anuncios cuando sea necesario. Back to Our Goodies Top

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Patient Parents - Under Construction Top

Dear parent, if you have bought the diary, or you have received it as a gift, and you are doing it with one of your children, we would very much like to hear your comments. Please send them to padres@sac-o.com.

You can also send us a photo of yourself with your child while you are filling in the diary or some of the pages that have been completed. We are going to try to raffle a prize among those doing the diary so that we can all celebrate together. How would you like a few days in a family hotel with monitored activities for the kids or maybe a ski vacation? Suggestions are welcome.

If you send us your data we can keep you informed of the recommended activities and suggestions that we receive.

If you think of some type of book you would find helpful, we would be also be happy to hear what you have to say.

Lastly, it is important that we receive any complaints you might have so that we can try to solve them and keep them from happening again.

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