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The NAL method introduces children to a new language.

NAL recreates the world of the child offering the same stimuli experienced in infancy which lead to the ability to communicate. This is done by taking into account the essence of the child at each stage of his development.

It is a first contact with new sounds, a hopeful awakening of interest which will make this language more alive for future studies.

The method applies the mechanisms of natural acquisition of the mother tongue to a second language. The child acquires a basic phonetic-grammatical structure which will serve him well at more advanced levels.

You can use it in the school, for which it was created, or at home home with family and friends... but the method requires a Guide - teacher, mother, father or friend.
And NAL offers the Guide the structure needed to make it work.

The Parent and Teacher Manual of Begin with Beginners provides a full and detailed script to put it into practice on a day-to-day basis, from day one to the end. The Manual is very simple and entertaining. If you follow it, the kids will progress naturally in the language.

And if you want us to teach you how to use the Manual in practice, you can follow the Parent and Teacher Courses of Begin with Beginners. They are very short - 8 days, 1'5 hours by day - practical and simple.

There are two Levels: the first one for those who never have used NAL and the second for those who have been using the Manual for 2-3 months and need to check and to asess the difficulties and problems they have encountered in their daily practice. To register for the Courses you need to be in good shape, since they are very active, hands-ons.

The NAL method has obtained optimum results. This innovative method is conceived as an integral part of the wide range of activities included in recognized school programs. The method works hand-in-hand with all areas of education to reinforce the concepts being taught in these areas while familiarizing the child with the new language. Top