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Stimulating Activities Company S,is a Spanish company with an international focus on education, family comMunication and family-workplace conciliation.

SAC-O, a Stimulating Activities Company project, offers children products to:
  • stimulate their minds
  • awaken their curiosity
  • encourage communication

SAC-O has an innovative twofold approach:
  • its products promote reading, writing and verbal communication simultaneously
  • the activities carried out are “shared”: in order to complete these activities, the child must communicate with other people - parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends….

Stimulating Activities Company products and services look to be entertaining, enriching and lasting and their final aim is to stimulate children, awaken their curiosity and foment and satisfy their need to communicate.

These products are aimed at children and their relatives and close enviroment, as well as educators and companies.

They are agile and effective communication tools to enhance learning and facilitate communication within the family, communication between family and school and the conciliation of family/workplace.

Every SAC-O product comes in a colourful and distinctive cloth sack.

0,7% of the sales price of all of SAC-O products goes to a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children’s rights in the country of sale. In 2005 they were:

  • In Portugal, Instituto de Apoio à Criança ( Tel (+35) 213 617 880 Fax (+35) 213 617 889 - Largo da Memoria, 14 - 1349-045 Lisboa)
  • In Spain, Aldeas Infantiles SOS España ( Tel (+34) 913 884 549 Fax (+34) 913 886 747 - Lorenzo Solano Tendero, 3 - 28043 Madrid)

STIMULATING ACTIVITIES COMPANY S.L. headquarters are in Marceliano Santa María, 4, Madrid (E-28036), Spain.

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