My !!!Yeah!!! !!!YUK!!! Book

From 7-years-old on

Authors: Noonan, Susan M. and Leitão, Maria Eugénia

ISBN: (Spanish), (Catalan), (Portuguese)

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What´s your favourite smell? noise? insect? etc, etc. And what smell, noise or insect makes you say !!!YUK!!! ? A fun way for the child to involve his family and friends in good conversation and for getting to know each other’s points of view.

Seemingly simple, the book opens many doors to communication. Each double page is a category: colours, flowers, animals, insects, places, etc. On the left-hand page, the !!!YEAH!!! page, the child decides his favourite in each category and tells why. Then he asks his mother, his father, and others what their favourites are. On the opposite page, the !!!YUK!!! page, he states what he doesn’t like in the same category and why. He also records what his mother, father and others think.

There is a space on the bottom of the page for the child to interpret his likes and dislikes in each category, some of which take a lot of imagination to draw or describe. There are also pages at the end for the child to put in other categories that he has thought of himself.

The book is a good companion for trips, sick days, and visits to relatives. It is also fun to repeat at different ages to see how thinking changes. Arriba