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Just ask for:

  • Susan if you want to talk about creative or educative matters - smn@sac-o.com - her cell-phone is (+34) 670 964 728
  • Jaime if its about economic businesses - jfs@sac-o.com - his cell-phone is (+34) 687 403 284
  • Francisco if your thing is editorial or legal - ffs@sac-o.com - his cell-phone is (+34) 610 789 768
  • Eugenia if you want to communicate in Portuguese - eugenia@sac-o.com - her cell-phone is (+351) 933 013 014
  • Willy, founding member and active participant in SAC-O with vast experience in children, if you feel like pumpering someone - willy@sac-o.com. Or come into his fan's club and see some of Willy's friends by Clicking Here


Boys and Girls: If you like our Goodies or you want to tell us something you can do it at imagina@sac-o.com or at imaginasaco@gmail.com if you are sending heavy files (pics, drawings and things like that). We really will like to hear from you, what you like the best, what you don't like at all... Top

Parents: Dear Parent, if you have bought the diary, or you have received it as a gift, and you are doing it with one of your children; if you are familiar with any of our other Goodies; if you think of some type of book, activity or game you would find helpful, we would be also be happy to hear what you have to say; if you have any complaints; if you want to ask for or to give an opinnion... we'll listen very carefully at - padres@sac-o.com.

You can also send us at imagina@sac-o.com (for heavy files) a photo of yourself with your child while you are filling in the diary, or some of the pages that have been completed, or playing with other Goodies, .... Top

Educators: Teachers, educators, school directors, institutions and schools: we are here to help if we can, and we like to invent and to implement, so we tell you as we said to Kids and Parents, we'll love to listen to you - profes@sac-o.com. Top

Distributors and Salespearsons:

  • If you want to distribute or you want to ask for our products, contact us at com@sac-o.com.
  • If you work for our distributors or you sell our products, we'll do all we can to answer you as quickly an efficiently as we can, and we will be extremely interested in listen at what you have to say, especially if it can help us to improve our products, their circulation and the service we provide you - com@sac-o.com.
  • If you have our Goodies in you shop and you want it to appear in our web, send us your data - com@sac-o.com. And if you are focused in children or in education, make sure to tell us as we will be highlighting those kind of shops. Top
Geniuses: If you would like to publish with SAC-O please get in touch at - autores@sac-o.com - with a note describing your work and highlighting its merits. Top

Copyrights: If you would like to publish any of our books or to negotiate rights, let us know at - edit@sac-o.com - and we will contact you as soon as possible. Top

Translators: If you are willing to translate these pages into another language, please tell us- col@sac-o.com - we'll be delighted to hang them on the web once they've been revised. Top

Other Collaborators: If you want to collaborate with us someother how (labor, service o bussiness) you can let us know at col@sac-o.com.